Make each DAY your MASTERPIECE

“The Only Thing That’s Keeping You From Getting What You Want Is The Story You Keep Telling Yourself.” – Tony Robbins

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” Have you ever said that about something you want to do, but…you don’t have the time today? Or maybe you have something better to do.

I am sure you have. I know I did say it more than once.

Here’s the thing: Every time you put something off until tomorrow, you make today insignificant. And if today is insignificant…day after day…your life becomes insignificant.

Life can sometimes seem unreasonably complicated. And trying to find peace amidst the chaos day to day often feels a bit impossible. We all have a limited time to walk this earth, so how can we use it in a positive way that adds a little sunshine to this world? Here are some suggestions for how we can make each day worthwhile.

  • Be Thankful

Being grateful for what we have, what we don’t have, who we are, is the simple act of recognising all the good that’s in our life. With our busy lives, we often forget to identify our blessings. I think Covid had taught us not to take even small things for granted!

  • Share a Little Kindness

Have you noticed how good it feels to offer someone old or a pregnant woman your place to sit instead or just saying the right words to a grieving or sad friend or even sharing a smile with a stranger? These simple acts of kindness add richness and meaning to our lives as well as benefits to our physical and psychological health.

  • Laugh and Play

I remember as children we would burst laughing at silly things. As adults, laughing becomes a gift to everyone around us. We sometimes need to remind ourselves to let go and allow ourselves to be silly again.

As human beings playing is one the most natural forms of expression. Making time to play is a great way to connect with the child within us and find the joy in simple pleasures. It also helps us to use our imagination, inspire creative thinking and problem solving, which are all important tools we can use each day.

  • Learn Something New

Is there a hobby or anything you’ve always been curious about but feel like you don’t have time to learn? Today, with the information on internet, we can discover and learn something new every day! I know a friend who actually learned 4 new languages within Covid lockdown! impressive right?

  • Do What You Love

Doing the things we love nourishes and inspires us. When we are passionate and engaged in the activities we love to do, we become alive, and we inspire others to do the same. For every person, the answer to what brings us joy will be unique.

In other words, ask yourself the questions; if I only had limited time to live, what would I be doing what I am doing now? Same job, same friends, same city?

We each have different things that are important to us, and engaging in those things we value the most will bring us more joy and happiness. When we choose to live a life we love, we will find ourselves in love with the life we’re living.

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