The VOID that seems IMPOSSIBLE to be ever filled

It’s always never enough – money, laugher, relationships, happiness, and love amongst other things.

Perhaps, it’s simply part of human nature to continuously find ways to keep growing, to reach milestones, increasingly expand our limits, and to seek meaning in our lives. But sometimes, no matter how great your life has been, there will always be times when we find ourselves still feeling empty – a void that seems impossible to be ever filled.

But why aren’t we ever truly satisfied? Maybe, it comes from our need to always achieve perfection, to be accepted within our society, to belong, and to never settle. Although, it’s not entirely unhealthy to aim for more in life since doing so allows us to grow, but there are certain limitations to self-actualisation.

We constantly live our lives searching for meaning, often in the superficial things, and the wrong people – comparing our lives to others, setting unrealistic expectations ending up further dissatisfied and losing ourselves in the process.

No matter who loves you, what you do in your life, none of this will help you feel fulfilled or having peace with yourself. What you feel inside, will manifest the outside. Be mindful what you choose to think or lead your life by. Begin with yourself! Start with the most important relationship of all – your relationship with yourself.

Here, I’d love to share with you how to fill a void and free yourself from the emptiness feeling:

1. Identify the cause

When we are hurting, some of us tend to make ourselves so busy so we don’t have the time to think or deal with the pain. We need to understand the emptiness feeling and work towards it and not run away from it.

Dig deep and identify exactly what it is causing you to feel this way. Is it because of the loss of a loved one? A heartbreak? Childhood suffering?

Name and write down the reasons that are causing you to feel the void.

2. Recognise & challenge the pain

Admit that you are feeling a void. To free yourself, you have to name all the painful emotions and face it instead of running away from it. 

Pushing it aside will only make you feel emptier and as time progresses, it will manifest in harmful ways.

One way you can practice is writing your emotions down is a good way to transfer any negative energy outside of you and release the emotion you are feeling.

Take the time you need to heal from the pain by feeling it and not judging yourself for it. Fill the void with compassion, support, and love for yourself and others.

3. Give your life meaning and purpose 

Some of us tend to feel a void because we feel as if our life lacks meaning.

We may ponder on questions such as: What do I want to make out of this life? How can I make my life more meaningful?

ALL of us come into this world for a reason and we are here to serve a purpose.

Discovering our purpose isn’t something that comes quickly and easily. Giving back and providing service to others can also add more value and meaning to your life. It provides you with a sense of purpose and belonging since you are making a positive difference and contributing to society.

4. Practice self-love

You may be feeling a void because growing up you did not receive the love you deserve, causing you to search for it from others. maybe you felt competing with your siblings for your parents’ love.

When you lack self-love, it causes you to feel empty and disconnected from your soul. Fill the void by working towards loving yourself unconditionally and not relying on others to fill that void.

When you begin with finding it in yourself, you no longer depend on else someone to.

I know it is easier said than done when it comes to loving and accepting yourself, but it’s possible if you actively work towards it.

Take action now!

Get honest with yourself… What are you hiding from? What void exists in your heart and soul and how are you stuffing it? What scares you about facing this part of yourself?

Life has its ups and downs but loving yourself through it all fills a void that nothing else can fill. Forget about what society tells you to be, you are more than enough. Keep your chin up.

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