If you are not excited about your future MAKE a NEW one

“You don’t decide your future; you decide your habits, and your habits decide your future.” -Dr. Mike Murdock 

New Year’s resolutions have a different feel this year for those who fought and won against the coronavirus. We tend to be filled with hopes and looking forward to new beginning during the first days of the New Year, a brush with uncertainty changes things. However, this experience has changed most of people’s path in life for the better.

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing in your life? It feels like you’re always waiting for something to arrive. You want the future to come, because it’s better there.

But that’s all wrong.

The future is an illusion. It’s just a concept in your head.

Try this: instead of looking at your life as some intangible thing that happens in the future, look at it as something that’s happening right now, in this moment. Stop staring out at the finish line, and start running.

How to decide a future for yourself? Nothing comes by chance, we are all responsible for our decisions hence our future.

Brainstorm your dreams. 

Think about what’s important to you. Do you want to live in a city, or in a village? Do you want to settle down? Do you want to work for a charity? Figure out what’s important to you, and let this purpose guide you–but be prepared for your priorities to change as you move through life, learn, and grow older.

Make a list. 

Write down 5-10 things that you can imagine doing with your life–anything that comes into your head. Pilot, teacher, author, coach, artist, anything. Read over your list and see which choices feels good to you. Separate the realistic options from the fantasies and choose two or three ideas to explore further: say, pilot and a coach.

Talk to people. 

Draw inspiration from people who are living lives that seem interesting-people who seem happy and present. Talk to friends, family, colleagues, even strangers; people you meet on a plane or in the street; people that you meet on the internet.

Write Yourself a Letter.

Write a letter to yourself now, from your future self. It sounds funny, but it is so mind opening and rewarding.

This activity requires a person to dream big and ask themselves, “If I can create whatever I want in my life what will that be?” And what advice will the ‘me’ from 10 years from now give to the ‘me’ right now?

Think Like You Just Won The Lottery.

This is my favourite…If you won the lottery right now what things in your life would you change?

Relationship, job, city?

Change it.

Determine if the Decision will Bring you Joy

Making decisions merely based on happiness may not always be the most mature way of doing things because happiness can be brief, and it is definitely subjective.

Be realistic. Determine if you can afford the decision and live with the consequence.

So, now that the decision will bring you joy and financial peace, ask yourself how it will change your life. Consider it all out. Do your homework and be responsible by making mature decisions.

Remember that you can always change course. 

The choices that you make now will lead directly to the choices that you make in a month, a year, a decade-but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a job or lifestyle that you hate. “Stuck” is a mindset. At any point, in any situation, you can either stay the course or break the course. The important thing is that you start running to the finish line.

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