How to face the FEAR of Change & Moving Abroad?

“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

Any decision you make from a place of fear, you select out the things you have always dreamt of doing.

Are you afraid of making major changes to your life? Maybe you want to start a new life in other country, or you dream of doing what you love most, or quit a relationship that is wearing you down. And yet something seems to be holding you back.

Making major changes can be frightening-I know.

When it comes to moving abroad, many people will have plenty of reasons to put it off, most of those reasons come back to FEAR. The time might never feel perfect to move, it will always be hard to leave behind friends and things you love. But if you wait for the perfect moment, you might wait for ever. 

Here are few tips on alleviating common fears and making the adventure as positive as possible:

1. Think towards success with careful planning

One way to approach your move abroad is to choose a place you would like, save some money, do your research and try to set yourself up with a job in your new country before you even buy your plane ticket. Sometime this doesn’t materialise until you arrive, but at least you have an idea of job opportunities waiting for you when you arrive.

Planning is an important factor when deciding of moving abroad, as it can help you delete many mutual fears, like affecting your career growth or being lonely. All this fear can be handled by simply choosing your perfect country, selecting your preferred job, which can help you envision your new future.

2. Plan financially 

Moving abroad will cost you money, this might be one of the factors which might worry you, hence researching the cost of living ahead of your move is the best you can do. You need to create a budget to follow during and after the move which will help to me you more comfortable and in control of your finances and definitely will help ease your anxiety and fear.

3. Communications & culture

Not being able to communicate with people can be haunting thing. This is completely normal way to feel. Start by learning few phrases such as to ask about everyday life occurrences, it will make you more comfortable and at ease. Also, there are many smart apps now that will help make learning the language seems easier.

4. Friendships

Moving to a different country is going to affect your current relationships, making new friends in a different culture might not be very easy for some people. However, the best step is to be active in expat groups and social media platforms to make new connections as well as to keep your old friendships strong.

5. Failure

No matter where we are, not always succeeding is a part of life. There is always an element of overall risk. Go into the move knowing that things will simply be different, you need to acknowledge that sometimes things are less than perfect. Look at your new life as a place to grow and learn. Use the more difficult times as a learning experience. You will ultimately be richer for it.

It’s okay to be afraid of CHANGE. This means that you want to be careful about making such a huge decision in your life and do it in a way that sets you up for success. However, it is important not to let your fear to stop you from going for your dream. In all of these instances, knowledge is power! equip yourself with the information you need to have a successful, stress-free global relocation experience.

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