Did We take Everything in our LIFE for Granted?

‘It’s easy to feel grateful when life is good, but when disaster strikes, gratitude is worth the effort.’ Robert Emmons

It’s easy to get lost in your own little world, isn’t it? It’s easy to get consumed with likes on Instagram, or perhaps the drama with that girl saying things behind your back. It’s easy to complain that your delivery food came cold, or that your favorite top sold out in your size. And we take things for granted.

It’s very scary times. For years, I’ve taken going to work for granted, going for a walk for granted and all those simple things for granted.

If this virus could speak, it would have said: “You have always wanted to live a virtual and isolated life. Here I am fulfilling your dream and making you alone, isolated and introverted.”

In times of uncertainty and crisis, most people look for stabilising forces—guidelines that provide clarity, or a set of express values and principles that anchor how we engage in society.

Now that we lost our freedom of movement, we are left with our next-door neighbor whom we don’t even know his/her name. We are left with our family and not even friends.

A world where we are telling people to self-isolate for months seems absurd. It feels like something out of a science fiction movie. But it’s here and it’s now. Right here, right now.

In a spark of days, the world has just changed. I’ll never again take a flight for granted, a meeting as usual, a life of easy things. Nothing is easy. Life is hard. That’s the lesson we’re all learning here.

In fact, in moments of reflection. What is your hardship? Paying off your credit card debt or mortgage?

Well, that’s changed hasn’t it?

Now is that time. Too often, we get lost in the insignificant matters in life. Step back and look at things from a humbling perspective because life is too short. It’s too precious, and frankly, you never know when things could go terribly downhill.

Live your life. Love it and appreciate it.

Stay safe…

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