What is the meaning of LIFE?

A question that everyone would ask themselves an endless amount of times since conscious life began on this planet.

Some people believe that by searching about the meaning of their life, is the meaning itself. Hence, simply by participating in the search, you are doing something incredibly meaningful.

So, how do we find the meaning of our lives? I went through these questions many times before and I have shaped few tips to help find out exactly why we are here, where is the talent hiding and what is going to make our world shine with meaning.

  1. Stop Playing by The Rules

Some people believe getting married, having a career and children is the meaning of life. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone is meant to do that in their lives!

It is difficult to find your purpose of your own life if you are dictated to live your life by someone else’s rules. Since childhood parents interfere in directing what a child should be doing from studying to sports…etc. For example, my father wanted me to be an engineer like him! Yet as you grow up you have a strong desire to do something else. Many of us ignore our own desire because the rules dictate that we can’t have what we want (we have been raised to believe parents know what is best for us).

If that sounds like you, then it’s time to throw all the rules out and start living the life you want. If you live your life for someone else, trust me you will regret it at the end. Once you realise that you don’t need to follow set of rules given by other people and that everyone of us is unique in their desires and passion, then you will be on the right path to get to know the meaning of your life and where you are headed.

  1. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

What is a comfort zone?

It is a place where you live in yourself without FEAR (Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown).

To have a meaningless life is a continues monotonous repetition, which creates boredom and certainly very far from finding your true meaning in life. Happy and strong people have a joyful and a life full of adventure. Hence, you won’t find the meaning in your life while you are in your comfort zone.

Every time you push yourself out past your fears, you become more of the person you were meant to be. It is important that you take a step forward, get out of your comfort zone and life will open with opportunities. Simply, face your fears and grow.

  1. Find Your Pleasure

What makes you joyful in life? Do you enjoy sports, travelling, volunteering, helping others or all of the above?

Going ahead with this step, will bring you incredible amount of joy as you will be doing something which carries happiness into your life. When you know what truly makes you happy in life, then you will find a sense of purpose to your life. You will find a direction that you need to go in order to create the most meaningful life possible for you.

For example, if you enjoy competing in sports events and being fit, then find a way to incorporate that into your daily life. Change careers and become someone who can help others while getting paid for it.

There is nothing more fulfilling than living your purpose every single day.

  1. Listen To Your Instinct

Your intuition is connected to your inner-self. Don’t get caught living your life in complete shallowness. Finding the real person inside you is not easy but will definitely help you see what is really important in your life.

Every time you have a choice to make, your intuition is there to guide you.

When you learn to listen to your intuition, and follow those moments of right and wrong feelings, then you will be on your way to living a life with meaning.

  1. Appreciate every moment

Don’t let the world take over your life. The world can keep people in their comfort zones and stop them from thinking. Being busy searching is wonderful, but don’t get so busy doing that you forget to feel.

In summary, if you want to find the meaning of your life push away your fears, don’t live your life by other people’s rules, find out what truly makes you happy, and follow your instinct at every decision and most importantly allow the feelings to flow as feeling is a magical gift.


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