How would your Life BE if it was Your Masterpiece?

Be sure to live true to yourself and to your feelings. It is only then that you can become exactly who you were always meant to be.” – Doe Zantamata

Most people define who we are on the basis of very artificial criteria. There are things like success and they define success in to how much money you are making and how much stuff comes into your life , certainly nothing wrong with that but as a criteria for your humanity it is very shallow and a low point to determine that you are living the kind of life you are capable of living.

Other one is performance, which we tend to almost worship in our culture such as “I am number #1” you see it all the time, they make a contest of their lives and it is been measured with how far you get and what positon you achieve in life and what awards you have .

Other one is achievement, how far have you gone in your profession? How are you looked at amongst your peers, your positon on the ladder of success…etc. These are the ultimate of our culture in the business world and entertainment world. Always talking about success, performance and achievement.

However, what has happened to me is that after you live this life and you find yourself achieving and performing on a good level and being labeled a success by other people, you suddenly feel emptiness. You discover that there is more to life than just being able to accumulate stuff or positions or money.

Unfortunately, our goals become an obsession not that we need any more money but we fell into the trap of believing we have to accumulate wealth and we have to get more. For example, if we won a championship (it is great), but how about winning it twice in a row (no one has done that! so let us do it)….we are constantly looking outside of ourselves to these kinds of artificial ways of defining ourselves as human beings and then you feel there is a lack in the sense of fulfillment.

If you ask yourself what is it that you want people to have said about you as a human, would it be about how much stuff have you got or how much money did you accumulate? Who did you beat in the process of your success?

What would your masterpiece be?

Look at spiritual masters in our history (Jesus, prophet Mohammed, Buddha…etc) more recently Gandi who has changed the whole faith of a nation who were under the British empire all through loving people, simplicity and helping each other. What is their masterpiece?

I found out that love, simplicity and helping others are what truly started to matter to me more than climbing the ladder of artificial success and accumulation of wealth. This is how I want my masterpiece life to look like; I want my humanity to blossom. It is much beyond doing a daily job for living; it has this peaceful feeling of a higher purpose in life.

I think making a masterpiece requires love, passion and taking one’s time.  To create a masterpiece one must be mindful.  I compare the simple art of making a cake as a masterpiece.  This does not equate to throwing in a cake mix in a bowl, dumping in the eggs and stirring the ingredients.  That is not a masterpiece that is a snack.

I remember how my grandmother used to go to do the food shopping and she would pick each vegetable and wash it and cut it with care and gentleness giving all the love in the dish she was making. Food used to taste much tastier, nowadays we eat takeaways and wondering where is the love and taste in the food and why we are getting constantly sick!

In my humble opinion, a person has to put love and devotion into anything they do, it’s kind of like a relationship.  You get back what you put into it.  Our lives should be like this.  I am making a true and valiant effort to create a masterpiece life.  I still don’t have it all figured out yet the more conscious I am the better it gets.

What makes my life a masterpiece?  A few things like ingredients in any home food dish.  One ingredient is:  happiness.  This is a constant creation just like magic.  I have to be aware and know that thought becomes matter.  This hasn’t been an overnight process I am no Spring Chicken but I’m young in my heart. I must be mindful of the company I keep, when I allow myself to be in an artificial environment things are not always authentic.  Happiness is not harvested from robotic metal unpathetic seeds.  Happiness is grown with love.

Masterpieces are created through sorrow, anger, crisis and joy.  We learn it through the ride.  We learn it through reflection.  We learn it through putting all the broken pieces together.   We learn it through improving our lives in every second, in every minute.

My masterpiece won’t be finished until I am.

So how would you like your masterpiece to look like?

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