We Are Our Thoughts…

What we think, we become’, is a famous and an inspiring quote from Gautama Buddha

Our entire lives are guided by our minds.

I personally; being a life coach; believe and have experienced Buddha’s quote: ‘We become what we think’. He basically claims that the thoughts we have actually determine our entire lives.

Two years ago, I was faced with the law of attraction type assumption that what you think will happen to you. This is one of the reasons I chose to write this article – there are so many assumptions out there that one can be confused by and just abandon the whole thing altogether, because it makes us think that none of it makes sense.

This assumption states that whatever you think, you bring in your life. In the movie “The Secret” a man is shown who put up a picture on his “dream board” of a house he wanted to live in, and many years later he bought the exact same house without even realising it. All because he was looking at the picture of the house every single day, imagining it in his mind, and this hypothesis suggests that by doing so, you can manifest anything in your life.

Years back, I was a person who suffered with anxiety, this made me very uncomfortable. I was thinking negative thoughts all the time that made me anxious and panic, and the thought that said whatever I think will manifest made me even more anxious. 

So does that mean that if I think I’ll go crazy I actually will? 

It took me a long time to realise what the “thoughts impact your life” saying actually meant. Needless to say it took me years of painful experiences that I used to learn from later on.

What we think will not manifest in our lives exactly the same way we think. As I like to say, we cannot think life. But how we think does determine the world we see. Confusing, isn’t it?

I will illustrate with an example how our thoughts really affect us. Let’s say we’re thinking positively, we got that picture of our dream home up on our wall and working hard every day to imagine it manifesting in our lives. What happens? We believe that we can get that dream house one day, which gives us hope and self-confidence. This hope and self-confidence makes us happy and maybe even causes us to work harder, eventually allowing us to actually buy that dream house.

You see how that worked? In the end we actually reached that dream house, but the important thing is how we did it. We didn’t do it because our thoughts somehow magically manifested themselves in our lives, but because of how our thoughts and beliefs made us feel.

That’s the whole point of positive thinking – it makes you feel good so the outcome is eventually good.

Buddha claims that every man is the sum total of his thoughts, and that he’s where he is in life because that’s where he really wants to be. This type of responsibility is actually the case for all of us. We can change our lives at any time, but the intention must be there, otherwise nothing will happen.

In every moment, you make choices about your life, what you do with your time, these choices are based on your beliefs, and your thoughts. Your thoughts and beliefs contribute to your decisions and behaviour, therefore your actions, your personality and character. We become what we think about all day long.

You’re guided by your mind

Everything you do in life and everything you have done has been guided by your thoughts. You might not have always been aware of this, and maybe sometimes it could have seemed like something else was in control, an external factor, maybe your parents or your school?

The truth however, is that everything in your life and even where you are now is a result of your choices. Your thoughts become your choices, and therefore you are where you are now because that’s where you have chosen to be. It may be hard to hear this, but it’s the place to start from if you want to improve yourself.

You got yourself here, so you can be assured that you have the power to get yourself somewhere else, anywhere else in fact, that you want to be.

Let a power greater than you take care of the ‘how’

Basically, once your intention is there and you start to be more aware of your thoughts, you’ll also start to change how you behave as well.

It’s thought doing this that you can really achieve success and it is possible for anyone, but you must change your mind before you can do anything else. Everyone is brought up with predetermined beliefs and opinions about the world (past experiences, religion, culture, upbringing…), and if they don’t change them or at the very least question them, their entire lives will be guided by this.

I personally, had to reboot my limited beliefs system from all the old ones, which were fixed in my head from my society, family, friends, religion…etc.

What do you want in life?

Just for the purposes of this article, take a second right now to think about your life. What do you want it to be? What do you really want to do with the short amount of time you’ve been given on this planet? Do you want to change the world? Become rich? Become a father/mother? What do you really want, because many people don’t even really think about this.

Alan Watts, the great philosopher used to ask his students: If you had all the money in the world, what would you do with your time from now until you died? What would you really enjoy doing? Because that’s really all that matters. Not money, or stability, as these are illusions.

Do what you enjoy doing, because although everyone dies, not everyone really lives, and if you’re just staying alive to put food on the table and keep slaving away in the office until you die, what’s the point in it all? Life should be an exciting adventure.

So take the time to really think about what you’ve read today, and plant a seed in your mind. What do you want in life? What do you want to become? Work steadily towards that, and remember…

We become what we think about

This is such a profound realisation, and when I first understood this, not just on an intellectual level, but when I emotionally understood what this meant, my life changed. I started focusing on the things I really wanted to do.

My advice is to focus on what you want in life, and everything else will fall into place. This really does work, and it carries some serious weight to it as well. For a couple of months, Plant your goal in your mind. Work steadily towards your goal and it will become a reality. It not only will, there’s no way that it cannot.

Take time each day to think about your goal in a relaxed positive way. Visualise in your mind’s eye as having already achieved this and see yourself doing the things that you will be doing when you have reached your goal.

It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make in your entire life. You have nothing to lose but you have a life to win.

 Are you ready to win your life?

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