Make each DAY your MASTERPIECE

“The Only Thing That’s Keeping You From Getting What You Want Is The Story You Keep Telling Yourself.” – Tony Robbins “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Have you ever said that about something you want to do, but…you don’t have the time today? Or maybe you have something better to do. I am sure you have.... Continue Reading →

The VOID that seems IMPOSSIBLE to be ever filled

It’s always never enough – money, laugher, relationships, happiness, and love amongst other things. Perhaps, it’s simply part of human nature to continuously find ways to keep growing, to reach milestones, increasingly expand our limits, and to seek meaning in our lives. But sometimes, no matter how great your life has been, there will always... Continue Reading →

Stay or not to stay!

Is it time to leave? Does this job/ marriage/ country/ friendship serve me anymore? Do I stay and work it out? Or do I go? Questions we ask ourselves sometimes in our life. BUT, What’s the right decision? What if I leave, and then regret? get it. So, here are some definite signs that direct... Continue Reading →

Change Your Question, Change Your Results

“Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”  – Tony Robbins We find people who have everything anyone could dream of in life and still are unhappy! Or others who seem to have much less and still enjoy their lives! The difference can’t be... Continue Reading →

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